Gutter Splash Guards are one of the best accessory used to protect your buildings, home, etc. and they help you to prevent the water that are overrunning the gutters. Gutter Splash Guards are considered to be the ‘In; thing of your home improvement and most of the homeowners love to install them to avoid the mess caused due to the water.

Why Gutter Splash Guards for your home?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to prefer these splash guards for your home, let’s check the main two benefits below.

Cost Effective

The price of adapting to some product for your home is the crucial concern everyone look for, though gutter splash guards are expensive in nature, believe me, you will save back the money you invested over the product. Many of the people hate clearing the gutters and other mess; you can reduce the risk of climbing over the ladders and then cleaning your gutters if you have these gutter splash guard installed in your home.

Better Maintenance

Based on the selected splash guard, you will have small, or high maintenance benefits, all small and large debris like leaves, pine needles, pine cones, twigs, litter can be kept out if you have these splash guard. There are high chances for leaks if you are not keeping a maintenance of your gutters, they can even cause extensive damages to cement, siding, masonry, roof, walls, landscaping, etc.

Gutter splash guards help for the proper flow of water, and therefore you will have no gutter rusting, and consequently, they last for an extended lifespan. You can also avoid any birds or any other small animals like the squirrel to build their nest, and the nuisance caused. Rainwater harvesting can even be possible, the water can be saved and enhances the water flow with filtering contaminants.

Various Types of Gutter Splash Guards

Proceed below to find the different kinds of gutter splash guards below.

Mesh Screens

The most popular and splash guards are made of plastic diamond grids which can be screwed to the complex system or the gutters using multiple screens. It doesn’t take more time to install, and they are economical. One downside of the gutter splash guard is their cleaning and maintenance.

You can get rid of this debris for some particular time, but there are chances for the screen to get clogged if there is no maintenance. You need to clean them periodically, you can find few of the hybrid screens which are designed to be modern will work quite well with their filters. The mesh screen costs about 10₵ and $2 per foot, and they can go entirely good with many roof types namely wood, steel, tile, shingles, etc.

Louvered Covers

The covers are developed with attractive designs, and this type of gutter splash guards follow the surface tension principle. You are assured of the cleanliness and excellent protection with these louvered covers, the opening is smaller in size, and therefore even the smaller debris is capable of getting flushed out.

Perforated Metal

Most of this type of splash guards are designed to cover the gutter and get fit under the shingles; they also help in keeping all the debris out but find difficulties in keeping the needles, pods or seeds. There are chance or the tiny debris to get stuck in those covers and perforations.

Foam & Brush

Despite cover type and screen kinds of splash guards, there is also some splash guard in the form of brushes and foam. Foam guards are easy to install and affordable in price, they are considered to be the fastest solution to get rid of the messy gutters, and these guards are developed using cheaper materials, so there are high chances for tear and wear during intense climatic changes.

Brush Splash guards are similar to the foam, but this is considered to be the temporary solution, they help to get rid of the more significant debris but not the tiny ones.

How to choose the best Gutter Splash Guard?

Most of the people are in need of the product that can do miracles in cleaning their gutters, some companies have come up with such products, and gutter splash guards falls one among them. They are considered to be the less troublesome product when compared to other ones developed for cleaning the gutters.

Before grabbing a gutter splash guard for you, you need to check for the foliage around the house and also the system that is installed in your neighbors and nearby areas. Make the selection based on your experience and cost.


While choosing the gutter splash guards, you need to check whether the company you are going to get these products have enough experience in developing them. Try to check their product reviews from genuine websites, also check whether they are insured and have the license of selling it.


Compare the prices with various companies so that you can know who is offering the low amount of good quality. Choosing the gutter splash guards that has low quality due to the less cost will be a waste of time, they would provide you a lot of downsides, so always prefer to choose the excellent quality splash guards.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide on Splash guards will help you in choosing the right type of product based on your preference and comfort.

Any suggestions, ideas, and thoughts on the gutter splash guards are welcome.

What are your views on the gutter splash guards? Share it with us through the comment section below.  

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